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Altair CMMS deployment solutions

Whatever your constraints or requirements, an Altair CMMS software deployment solution will answer your problem. Locally, in ASP, in SaaS … discover our deployment solutions without delay!


CMMS internal deployment

CMMS installed in your premises. This CMMS deployment solution was the first offered by Altair Enterprise, which we commonly refer to as “classic deployment”.

The CMMS is installed on one of your local servers and the first maintenance is provided by your IT department. You then buy a license and benefit from it perpetually.

External deployment: ASP and SaaS

Decentralized CMMS. The external deployment modes free you from any management of the material and facilitate the support of the editor.

In ASP, you buy the software license, rent a dedicated hosting and we install the CMMS.

In CMMS SaaS Subscription, you do not take care of anything: hosting, maintenance, software update is provided by the publisher.


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