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BIM / 3D navigation module: the new dimension of CMMS

The Altair Enterprise CMMS stands out by integrating a tree structure of the ergonomic and faithful locations and equipment of your installations.

To take the CMMS user experience further, the innovative 3D module allows you to navigate even more easily and offers a new concept of maintenance management.

Navigate in 3D in your installation

All of the maintenance workers once found themselves faced with a valve that was difficult to find, a machine that was badly labeled … in short, wasting time looking for faulty equipment. This is particularly true in heavy industrial installations, when a new agent discovers the installations or when a subcontractor is called upon to intervene on site.

By making it possible to view the location of the equipment before setting off for an intervention, the 3D CMMS visualization module saves considerable time.

In the case of an industrial site comprising areas with restricted access, particularly in terms of exposure time and therefore of intervention, preparation in 3D mode is of major interest!

Manage maintenance differently

The 3D module does not simply allow you to roam your site, but also to directly control the CMMS in a more intuitive way than ever.

For example, site users (production employees, employees, executives, service providers) can all the more easily designate the equipment experiencing a breakdown as they can designate it in a true view of their workplace. One click on the machine, the part, or the location of the fault, and the request is already localized!

Among the features enabled by the 3D CMMS module:

3D navigation in the installation
Request for intervention
Real-time measurement (status, failure, overheating …)
Stop command (valve closing, remote shutdown …)
Creation of work order
Monitoring of ongoing interventions

Depending on your possibilities and your problems, numerous interfaces can allow you to control your installations more finely.

Contact us to discover CMMS in detail and schedule a demonstration of the software and its 3D module.


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