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Altair Enterprise 3D module

In order to meet the specific requirements of particular sectors (energy, urban development, heavy industry) and to provide a better understanding of complex or distributed facilities, Altair CMMS provides a web-enabled 3D module, taking maintenance into a new dimension.

The module allows machinery, locations and sites to be modeled in 3D so that they can be viewed easily from any web browser.

Navigate through your site in VR

3d-altair1With the 3D module, you can see the state of your installations and machinery, access metrological data from machinery in an intuitive manner, and manage maintenance more easily.

This module can facilitate maintenance operations planning but also assist in the preparation for more complex operations.

A new way of driving maintenance

3d-altair2The integration of 3D technology into the Altair web-enabled CMMS represents an investment in the future. The 3D module has already been incorporated into the CMMS tools of several of our partners, proving its effectiveness. Its use is constantly developing, making the modeling of facilities and locations more accessible and facilitating visualization, planning, and control measures in real time.

3D brings a more comprehensive view that is more natural than any traditional interface and transforms maintenance management from a maze of bureaucracy into something human and intuitive. Maintenance becomes, simpler, more effective and more responsive, while its management becomes easier than ever!

Some of the features of our 3d module :

  • BIM files importing
  • 3D navigation
  • Work request
  • Realtime measure points
  • Stop commands
  • Work order creation
  • Work tracking


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DSDSYSTEM is your partner of choice in all yout CMMS and QHSE software deployment projects, from the design of your IT systems, to the staff training and long-term accompaniment.

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