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Altair Enterprise: CMMS for Industry 4.0

The Altair Enterprise CMMS opens the doors of Factory 4.0 with its many Full Web functionalities and possibilities of interfacing with your various tools and connected objects.

Opt for a full web solution that is both flexible and powerful, which will accompany you from paper to the Internet of Things!

Put CMMS at the heart of your information system!

The evolution of the industry towards factory 4.0 will make it possible to gain in competitiveness, efficiency and reliability. Maintenance occupies a central place in this evolution, guaranteeing the success of this approach.

The Altair Enterprise CMMS integrates many functionalities and interfacing possibilities allowing to take full advantage of the Internet of Things and Big Data revolution, all with simplicity and flexibility benefiting all sizes of structure.

From data acquisition (sensors, user portal) to external communication (display panels, social networks), via interfacing with the various documentary (GED, BIM), management (ERP, Altair Enterprise, CRM, HR) or steering (Supervision, CAPE), integrates fully into your IS and contributes to the fluidity of information transfer.

In addition, its 100% integrable modules, such as the QHSE module, the customer service portal or 3D mode, allow you to extend the field of action of your CMMS with total clarity.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance, sometimes called predictive maintenance, consists of getting to know your technical fleet in order to plan preventive maintenance operations as close as possible to the needs of the machines, From the first warning signs of breakdowns.

  • Equipment life sheet
  • Sensor networks
  • Dynamic planning
  • Automatic supply

Connected users

Industry 4.0 also saves time in intervention, by maintaining access to tools and information at all times. It also means being able to communicate any important data through the most effective channel while maintaining perfect traceability.

  • Asynchronous mobile app
  • Electronic document management
  • Measurements, scoring & reporting
  • Messaging, notifications

The factory of the future today

Altair Enterprise CMMS now meets the needs that are just emerging but are already experiencing growing interest among companies of all sizes … while keeping in mind the user-friendliness of CMMS software that is easy to adopt.

  • BIM integration
  • 3D modeling on tablet
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Connected objects: drones, robots …


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