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Altair Enterprise, CMMS made by the trade, for the trade

The Altair Enterprise CMMS is the fruit of the meeting between the maintenance profession and that of advanced IT development.

15 years of continuous development have made it one of the most successful CMMS on the market. Thanks to permanent contact in the field, the software naturally develops around business needs.

This is what allows Altair Enterprise CMMS to be made just for you!

The best technology at the service of the profession

vignette-home-mobilite The greatest consideration of business needs would do nothing without having the ability to make it happen in the best possible way.

By choosing the Full Web architecture from the start, Altair Enterprise was cut out of a pure alloy of power, velocity and simplicity. This technological setting combined with our listening to the profession allows us to develop the ideal CMMS for you.

Our engineers are regularly trained in the latest technical innovations in Full Web development. Also sharing their passion for new technologies and maintenance trades, they put all their know-how and their application at the service of the development of Altair Enterprise.

A sustainable CMMS with sustainable development

vignette-server Thanks to the FullWeb technology developed for the Altair Enterprise CMMS, the solution offers maximum durability. Indeed, its use passing through a simple internet browser, it remains fully functional whatever technological choices you may make in the future.

The same CMMS installation will remain usable either from a Windows computer, a Linux server or an Apple brand laptop. The absence of installation on the workstations allows you to change your user IT equipment without having to reinstall CMMS once.

By following the web specifications, Altair Enterprise evolves smoothly, constantly exploiting the new possibilities offered by technology, while keeping the objective of a hardware compatibility over 10 years minimum, as well as guaranteeing the support of web browsers under 5 years.


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