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Altair Enterprise CMMS’s pricing

Altair Enterprise is a web CMMS software, which enables rapid implementation as well as a greater flexibility in the use than ordinary client-server software. Ultimately, you save time and therefore money, while enjoying powerful tools in everyday work !

On premise or subscription

Altair Enterprise has been designed to help you reducing costs. That’s why we think it natural to propose you the fairest price possible.

Depending on your budget and your technical ressources, you are able to choose between a rental or a purchase option.

On premise

starting at

Maximum autonomy

With the on premise mode, you get a long-term right to use the software. You can install on your own server or to a host of your choice (we provide custom solutions).

It’s the perfect choice if you have a full-developed IT departement and internal expertise to maintain the software on the first level. Off course, we will be able to assist you in the deployment and updates.

Decreasing price per user, contact us for a quote.

SaaS Subscription

Price per month per user

Choice of freedom

Our subscription offer is the most flexible you can get. The software and it’s database are hosted in our private and secured cloud, and we provide the first level maintenance of the software.

Thanks to that, you don’t need any IT ressources at all, not even a server running on your workshop. The only think you have to focus on is your job.

Thought for the small business and designed to match the biggest companies’ needs, our software as a service offering is complete and highly customizable.


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