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Altair Enterprise’s mobile maintenance management application

Put mobility at the heart of maintenance!

The Altair Enterprise CMMS is intrinsically mobile because of its web-based architecture, which offers great flexibility of use. In order to make maintenance even faster and more streamlined, mobile applications and interfaces for smartphones and tablets are available.

Whether you are using Fiber, 4G/3G, ADSL or even Edge, you can access the Mobile Altair CMMS from your portable computer, but also from your smartphone and tablet.

Our dedicated mobile application allow you to access the essentials of mobile maintenance:

  • Monitor your equipment readings from your smartphone or tablet
  • Raise maintenance requests in real time
  • Review your work orders
  • Enter readings directly from the equipment location
  • Compile inventories of parts
  • Manage the goods-in and goods-out operations of your stores
  • With the help of integrated barcode reading, make the management of stock, facilities and documents easier!

An inherently mobile maintenance application

phone-screenBy necessity, maintenance requires mobility. While small facilities may be maintained in a fairly traditional manner, others, such as medium or large sized industrial production or storage sites, as well as dispersed sites (from wind farms to public lighting or video surveillance systems), demand far higher levels of mobility and therefore require mobile maintenance software.

There is nothing to be gained by making a maintenance technician return to his workplace to file his report only to send him back again to complete a repair.  This is where the Mobile Altair CMMS comes into its own.

With a mobile interface, maintenance teams can complete their reports on the spot, at the facility, using real time measurements.

Moreover, agents can receive their assignments and work orders on their mobile telephones, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Smartphones can serve as barcode readers to scan a piece of equipment or installed machinery and access all necessary information from the mobile CMMS.

In this way, Mobile CMMS brings fluidity and responsiveness to maintenance management, improving working conditions and the quality of mobile maintenance.

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