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AltairEnterprise, natively web-based CMMS

Simple to install, flexible, and easy to scale up, Altair Enterprise combines a powerful CMMS with a lightweight technology.

The web based solution runs on a server and can be accessed as a regular website, via your everyday internet browser.

Why would I choose the web-based technology of Altair ?

On the table below we have listed several parameters that makes the differences between different technologies and demonstrates the benefits of choosing the web based technology of Altair Enterprise.

Altair Enterprise is a web-based CMMS software including Maintenance functionalities available by using a web browser.

Altair is a web-enabled CMMS.  This means that it is very simple to install, very flexible, and easy to scale up. Indeed, a web-enabled solution runs on a server and can be accessed in the same way as a website, via a browser. This removes the need to install any software onto individual workstations and also means that users can move from one computer to another at a moment’s notice.

Quick to install

Because it requires only one installation for all users, Altair Enterprise dramatically reduces deployment time (up to 1/2 day in SaaS, against 5 days on average for the client-server).

Always available

CMMS Altair can be instantly accessible from anywhere, as long as you have a connection to the server. And for areas not covered, mobile application could be used asynchronously!

Affordable price

With a low starting price, faster installation and updates and a limited need of training, you may be able to divide by up to 5 the total cost of your project.


Based on standardized databases and allowing exports in easily readable formats (PDF …), the Altair web technology guarantees you the usability of information in the very long term, which is essential given the growing needs of traceability.