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SaaS, or Internet CMMS

An ideal solution for maintenance departments with a low investment budget, CMMS in SaaS is also a secure and flexible deployment solution for all companies.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is hosted in a cloud and accessed through a web portal.

Examples of the use of SaaS or equivalent technology are becoming more and more common: consultation of your email inbox or bank account on the internet, creation of a photo album online …

SaaS offers many advantages

No license to pay: You rent the service via a monthly subscription
Accessibility from everywhere: The software is not linked to a machine
Quick update: The editor deploys new versions of the software directly
Less equipment to manage: You no longer have a server to maintain on your premises
Secure and decentralized data: In the event of an accident or breakdown, your data is stored and duplicated in several places.

IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP … the ten largest software publishing companies now offer their product in SaaS, as well as hundreds of VSEs / SMEs in the software industry.

The Altair Enterprise CMMS cloud

Since its conception, Altair CMMS has been based on native Full Web technology, allowing the development of a SaaS offer without changing its standard offer.

Stemming from a partnership signed with OVH, the European leader in hosting, the Altair Enterprise CMMS Cloud has enabled us to establish ourselves among the pioneers of CMMS in SaaS.

Serenity, ease and comfort of use are the key words of CMMS in SaaS.


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Evolve and migrate whenever you want!

SaaS is also an excellent way for some companies to experiment with CMMS online, in the forecast of self-hosting in the medium term (after 6 months to 2 years of implementation). Thanks to the simple and flexible architecture of CMMS, you can switch at any time from a subscription offer to an “on premise” offer, and install CMMS in your premises.
CMMS in SaaS for 50 € / month

The establishment of the CMMS Cloud was motivated by the fact that some users did not have a substantial investment budget, and wanted a CMMS that could be included in their operating costs.

Developed for all, the CMMS tariff range in SaaS allows all problems to find a solution at the best price, without ever cutting corners.

With a monthly cost per user starting at 50 € per month, you will easily access the power of Altair Enterprise CMMS!

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