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Altair Enterprise CMMS training

Altair Enterprise is a very intuitive CMMS Web software with natural handling: at first contact, more than 9 users out of 10 are seduced by the ergonomics of the software.
However, an easy handling is not enough for optimal use of the software. This is why we always plan one or more half-days of training in order to introduce users to the effective use of the tool.

From initiation to process optimization

Computer-assisted maintenance management training does not only concern software: it serves to create synergies between the organization of maintenance work and the operation of the software.

Several trainings can be planned at different times, to allow you to appropriate the tool in a fluid way, with a progressive ramp-up of its contribution to your service.

The topics on which basic or advanced training are numerous:

How to structure and integrate my data?
How to save time with dynamic planning?
How do I automatically generate periodic reports?
How to automate tasks with MP sheets, ranges and rounds?
How to record small interventions in one step?
How to automate the replenishment of spare parts?

We also offer individual or small group support on the optimization of maintenance management, process design, advanced analysis of service performance … so that you can continue to improve your performance, get the most out of your tools and improve your working conditions.


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