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GMAO Altair Enterprise

The CMMS is developed in an ascending way: we start from your needs, to give them an answer.

On average, 9 out of 10 CMMS projects find a complete response without any specific adjustment or development.

Learn about Altair Enterprise features designed to make maintenance management easier and more efficient.

  • Multi-company
  • Multi-sites
  • Equipments / Locations
  • Tree systems with unlimited levels
  • Multi-tree
  • Technical models
  • Documents library
  • Regulation
Equipement technique



Find all your locations and equipment organized in the CMMS with a tree structure to be at any time a few clicks of the information sought.

  • Systematic maintenance
  • Conditional Maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance sheets
  • Measure points
  • Systematic maintenance
  • Conditional Maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance sheets
  • Measure points
Maintenance préventive



With the Full Web Altair Enterprise CMMS, preventive maintenance is managed in a natural and efficient way.

  • Request for intervention
  • Work Orders
  • Report works
  • Personal score
  • Spare part outlets
  • Automatic Purchase Request
  • Planning work orders
  • Manpower Potential Management
Maintenance curative

The CMMS, by a speed and a record accessibility, makes it possible to manage the curative maintenance in real time.

  • Spare parts
  • Multi-Store
  • Multi-vendor

  • Purchase request
  • Price request
  • Quote
  • Order
  • Reception

  • Auto Replenishment
  • Purchasing direct parts & amp; services
  • Subcontracting Contracts
  • Billing



Never out of stock, always aware of the stocks: the module purchases and stocks can manage serenely maintenance, regardless of material needs.

  • Customer Records
  • Intervention Request Management
  • Management of preventive interventions
  • Follow-up of interventions
  • Billing

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Planning and assignments
  • Geolocation



The maintenance subcontractors and technical after-sales services find in a single product the power of the CMMS transposed to the operating mode of the service providers to manage and follow many scattered customers.

Check out the Altair CMMS Service Program

  • HSE Events – QHSE
  • Audit

  • Audits Report
  • Entitlement Management
  • Checklists

  • Risk exposure meter (hardness)
  • Feedback (REX)
  • Regulations (FDA, SEVESO, ISO 9000, 14000 …)
  • Management Equipment Compliance
  • Compliance work orders
  • Risk Control Measure (MMR)
Fonctions QHSE



HSE and maintenance services can speak the same language in the same software thanks to this module, which is both complete and fully integrated with the CMMS.

  • Imputation account
  • Defining budgets
  • Expenditure tracking and analysis
  • Follow-up subcontracts
  • Accounting interface with ERP
  • KPI Display Boards


The maintenance budget is often closely monitored. With the Altair Enterprise CMMS, you have a global view of your expenses and can send the information directly to the right person.

  • Manage sites
  • Manage users
  • Manage groups
  • Import / Export data
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • RSS feed
  • Edit screens
  • Edit tabs & amp; tables
  • Manage dashboards
  • Manage reports
  • Customize the CMMS

Altair Enterprise épouse l’organisation de votre société  via son interface d’administration complète et accessible.

All the features of CMMS in 1 click!

Altair Enterprise CMMS Web offers a total of nearly 100 applications, i.e. more than 250 screens allowing to adapt to all the issues of maintenance management and related disciplines.

Its intuitive ergonomics makes it easy to access all of these features in less than 3 clicks, which makes the solution successful with users.

fonctions GMAO Altair Enterprise

The Altair Enterprise CMMS Web includes all the functionalities necessary for efficient and intuitive maintenance management, from ordinary healing to major stops.

The native management of purchases and stocks relieves the maintenance of the problem of parts management.

For subcontractors, the CMMS SAV edition will provide all the specific functions necessary.

The HSE services will benefit from all the functionalities expected from a complete HSE manager included in the CMMS.

For all, dashboards, planning, reports, cost analyzes and administration options will greatly facilitate the daily life of users.



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