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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Does installing Altair require individual installation on each desktop?
No. Altair is installed on a single central server. Once this is done, every user will be able to access it using their regular web-browser, from any desktop.
Is access to information secure?
Yes. Each user group has its own access rights. You can also ensure that some data access is restricted to particular users: for example, if you want to open your CMMS to service engineers, you can restrict access so that each provider can only open their own work orders.
Can you use Altair through a secure connection?
Yes. Altair is a web application, so you can secure its access by using HTTPS, a VPN, etc.  We can help you set up the right configuration at the network infrastructure level.
Our users are always on the move and use laptops. Can they connect with Altair?
Yes. Following the configuration of your network’s infrastructure, Altair will be available through the 3G network from any operator. Furthermore, our synchronization tool  allows your technicians to continue to use Altair offline.
We already have an ERP; can we make it communicate with Altair?
Yes. We have several methods of integrating data with other software (ERP, inventory management, HR).

We would advise you to contact us so that we can discuss which method would be best for you. We can also help you to create your interfaces.

Is Altair LDAP compatible?
Yes. With Altair, you can synchronize your LDAP users with your user database.
Altair Enterprise est-il compatible LDAP ?
Oui. Avec Altair Enterprise, vous pouvez synchroniser vos utilisateurs LDAP avec la base de données utilisateurs.
Can we import existing data (Excel spreadsheets for example)?
Yes. Altair has an optional upload module which allows you to import and export data to and from a database. This means that you can easily import new data or data from your other software applications.
We are an international company; can several different languages be used in Altair
Yes. Altair is multilingual!

You can set a default language for each site so that users can navigate Altair in their own language.

Can Altair be customized?
Yes. Altair has been designed to work on the largest possible scale. However, we know that your particular needs may require slight adjustments to the product. This is why you can edit the standard screen settings or even create new ones. The labeling and price lists can also be configured.
How many users can Altair support?
There is no limit to the number of users you can have.