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Manage successfully your CMMS Project

CMMS project is simple and complex at once.

  • Simple because setting up a CMMS, as CMMS ALTAIR, is a transcript of the functional aspects of a maintenance department in a computer. The effectiveness and common sense are the basis rules of maintenance management.
  • Complex because the efficiency and good sense must also be the watchwords of the implementation of a CMMS and your project within your maintenance department. Whether in industry, services, service after sale, there are some things to observe in the process of your CMMS project.

Key steps to lead your cmms project to success

  1. Conduct a pre-study project. It lets you define the features you want included in the CMMS product that you choose a macro-planning and implementation. DSD System offers its own method of pre-study.
  2. Making a precise specification and solicit publishers CMMS. To simplify the choices, do not hesitate to establish qualifying criteria, such as: « an obligation of web enabled CMMS » Learn the product and training if necessary. This may seem redundant, but some subtleties of CMMS (including links between data) you can escape and this could affect the schedule for implementation of your project. This step will establish the tasks and a more detailed schedule of your project.
  3. Gathering data and integrate the product CMMS chosen. We recommend choosing a product such as Altair Enterprise CMMS integration with tools for data files to save valuable time.
  4. Test processes defined. This step is important to adjust the process if they are too complex or at least not straightforward enough.
  5. Train users. Unavoidable, this training is the cornerstone of the boot. It allows your users to understand the product and to appropriate it. To do so, we must keep it simple.
  6. Start Production. Try to cut through the startup to minimize the impact to users. The CMMS can be seen as extra work (although the goal is the exact opposite), we must minimize the burden of initial uptake.
  7. Taking stock after startup. An essential step, it helps to take stock and to involve users in the monitoring process of the CMMS. Element of the success of your CMMS project: the involvement earlier in your future users!

DSDSystem's expertise

Since 2003, DSDSYSTEM accompanies companies from all sectors in their CMMS and QHSE software deployment project. With over 200 customer references and projects followed for up to over a decade, the company is able to help you, wether you are a small local business or a worldwide group.

DSDSYSTEM is your partner of choice in all yout CMMS and QHSE software deployment projects, from the design of your IT systems, to the staff training and long-term accompaniment.

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