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Your CMMS project monitored with our expertise

Altair Enterprise software offers you a panel of rich maintenance management functionalities, natively meeting all needs in 9 out of 10 cases.

But to get the best out of your maintenance department, you have to know how to manage your CMMS project, from identifying needs to the end use of the software.

The key steps in managing your CMMS project

The choice of software

  • Identify your needs during a pre-study

The solutions on the market all offer a different functional scope, and you will first have to find the solutions that will include as many of your daily needs as possible.

  • Design the specifications of your project

Our experience in CMMS project management has taught us that the drafting of the specifications is a step too often overlooked … The lack of detail in the specifications, or even its defect, is the cause of most of the delays in setting up a CMMS.

DSDSystem, publisher of Altair CMMS, can help you write your specifications, by putting its expertise at the service of your problem.

  • Discover the CMMS that look like you

There is no CMMS project well conducted without having seen the software work, because it is not only the pure functions of the software that count, but also the ergonomics, the operating logic …

Request a demo of Altair Enterprise … it’s free and you choose the demo time!


  • Gather your data

Whether you already have a CMMS in place, computer tables or whether you are on paper, the sooner you prepare your data (sorting, classification, deletion …), the faster you can inject them into the CMMS.

Altair Enterprise offers several tools for bulk loading of data (import of databases or data tables) as well as bulk downloading of documents.

  • Introduce your staff to CMMS

After the specifications, initial training is one of the most often underestimated points of the CMMS project. Even very intuitive, maintenance management software widens the field of possibilities … initial training in CMMS allows you to find your bearings faster, before tackling the new possibilities.

Altair Enterprise is a very intuitive CMMS, which considerably reduces the time required for training: half a day to one day is enough to exploit the main potential of CMMS.

  • Deploy CMMS step by step

The CMMS project manager legitimately wants to see the software operational as soon as possible. It is nevertheless recommended to migrate your different processes one after the other. This will make it easier for staff to adopt the software and will simplify each process more simply afterwards.

Altair Enterprise, very flexible, allows you to manage each step of the process either digitally or on paper, which facilitates a gradual deployment of the system.

Discover the pitfalls to avoid during implementation, as well as all of our deployment solutions.

The extension of the project

  • Train in CMMS after deployment

By planning a second training session for your software, you will discover advanced functions, shortcuts or simply new possibilities to which you will bring real added value.

  • Bring your CMMS to life!

Once the software in place and the data inserted in the CMMS, the CMMS project is not finished, and will continue to live with the evolutions of the software and your needs.

DSDSystem accompanies its customers regularly during consulting sessions allowing to optimize the data of the CMMS, the processes … and to prolong the ramp-up of the solution in your organization.


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