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Interface the CMMS with your computer system

Altair Enterprise allows you to easily manage maintenance, parts inventory, history and compliance of the technical park (QHSE) and even the commercial management of a service maintenance company.

However, it may be that in your company there is already such CRM software in place, such ERP deployed or even such accounting software used … and in this case, the CMMS can integrate naturally into your IT environment.

Naturally open architecture

Thanks to its FullWeb technology, CMMS Altair Enterprise relies on webservices to communicate with any other application, with a setting corresponding to the data you want to pass from CMMS to third-party software, and vice versa.

CAPE, ERP, CRM, Supervision …

CMMS Full Web has thousands of possibilities for interfacing with your existing software. You just need to define in a specification the different data movements you need, and we will study with you the best solutions to interface your processes clearly and flexibly.

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